Tips For Facebook Ads: Images

,  |  30 Dec 2020

Here are some tips for your Facebook advertisement images to help them stand out on peoples’ news feeds, Facebook Stories and instant articles.

1. Use Faces When Possible

This is particularly relevant if you work in the services or leisure sector. Facebook state that ads with faces in receive more engagement. Most people engage with a face when they first meet someone and in an online context it helps create welcoming context.

facebook ads images - faces

2. Have An Image Focal Point

Aim to have a single focal point on an image. Too many distractions will repel the viewer’s eye, and lead to a poor customer experience of your Facebook ad. Where possible have the product or service as the focal point of the image.

Facebook advertising - Images - focus
Have a focal point

3. Use Colour / Tonal Contrast

Use images with a good colour or tonal contrast. This will draw the viewer’s eye towards the ad you are running. If you are using graphic elements in your image, you can also look at using complementary colour schemes which can be done using tools such as Coolors

Using tonal contrast

4. Avoid Low Resolution Images

Nothing will make users have a poor experience of your ad more than a low resolution, blurry or poorly lit image. Follow the Facebook image sizing guide to ensure you images are pin sharp at the required dimensions.

Engagement with faces

5. Testing Different Image Angles

If you or your photographer are taking pictures specifically for a campaign, try different versions of a similar image to see what brings the most sales or conversions. A different photographic angle on a product or subject with a good focal point can often draw the viewer’s attention. Incorporating your company logo into any free / uncluttered space on an image can also help with your organisation’s brand recognition.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Logo or Marque On An Image

A side-effect of Facebook recommending that you avoid using excessive text is people thinking they shouldn’t use their logo or branding on an image. If you have a concise title and text that are separate from the image, using your logo can only help increase your organisation’s profile.

facebook ads images logo

7. Avoid Excessive Text Directly On An Image

Facebook themselves recommend avoiding excessive text on an image, although they no longer penalise ads that do this. The only reason you should ever have a text-focused image is if the image has little or no photographic content. When using text directly on the image avoid using difficult to read fonts such as certain script-style fonts that can be illegible on mobile / handheld devices.


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